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It is a journey that has been started in 1983 in a view to establish a hunger free world where everybody will enjoy their own rights. Gradually we have reached to more marginal people with various activities. We are committed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).  Women empowerment, child rights, livelihood, IGA, Education, Health, WatSan, and Climate change are those significant issues on what we are working. Come forward with us to build an equal world , where everybody will enjoy their own rights!

Recent activities

June 19, 2022 In Meetinng

39th Annual General Meeting-2022 of Prottyashi, completed Badal Kanti Chowdhury was elected president and Dilara Begum as general secretary.


The 39th Annual General Meeting of National Level Self-Development Organization Prottyashi, which has been functioning since 1983, was held at the head office of the organization under the chairmanship of Badal Kanti Chowdhury, President of th... Read More

International Menstrual Hygiene Day

June 7, 2022 In Event


International Menstrual hygiene Day

Day has been observed with due solemnity to sensitize the students and community people of the mentioned project area on Menstrual Hygiene.

A colorful rally titled was held to break the taboos and end the stigma surrounding menstruation at 10 am mornin... Read More

Upazila Inception Meeting of SIMS project at Fatikchari

September 12, 2021 In Meetinng

47991b1e-c733-4804-9a29-50b42b4724231st Upazila Inception Meeting of SIMS project held on 10th August, 2021 at Upazila ParishadAuditorium in Fatikchori Upazila Prottyashi launched Strengthened and Informative Migration Systems (SIMS) project being implemented with the technical support of Helvetas and funding of SDC at the beginning of this year. To apprise the launching of the proj... Read More

Unconditional Cash Grant Support to vulnerable Households in Ukhiya as a COVID-19 response

June 16, 2020 In Event

Amid the crisis originated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, households especially of daily wage earners of host communities in Coxs Bazar district of Bangladesh are much more vulnerable than any other area as they have been hosting about one million Rohingya population through compromising their lands, properties, and environment for over two years. They do not have enough scope to earn money to afford the needs of the household as the district is under lockdown for many days. They cannot afford food and nutrition requirement of the household and for this reason women and children of these househ... Read More

Prottyashi Annual Report 2017-2018

February 11, 2019 In Meetinng

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