June 19, 2022 In Meetinng

39th Annual General Meeting-2022 of Prottyashi, completed Badal Kanti Chowdhury was elected president and Dilara Begum as general secretary.





The 39th Annual General Meeting of National Level Self-Development Organization Prottyashi, which has been functioning since 1983, was held at the head office of the organization under the chairmanship of Badal Kanti Chowdhury, President of the organization, and conducted by Assistant Director (Training) Mr. Md. Selim was held today on 18/06/2022 at 10 am. After the auspicious inauguration by the President, recitations were made from Holy Quran, Holy Gita, and Holy Tripitaka. Ms. Dilara Begum, Executive Member of Prottyashi read out the condolence motion. Ms. Monowara Begum, Executive Director of the Association presented the minutes and activities report of the last 36th Annual General Meeting 2021-2022 at the meeting. Treasurer Yasmin Ara Begum presented the financial report 2021-2022 and budget 2022-2023. Discussions on the reports raised at the meeting, after review, were unanimously approved. Members of the General Assembly of the organization Professor Abdul Hai, Abdul Mannan, Dilara Begum, Deepak Kumar Chowdhury, Zafar Ahmed, Sajeda Akter, Md. Ali, Yasmin Ara Begum, and others spoke on various issues.

Mr. Md. Ashraf Uddin, Social Service Officer, and Chief Election Commissioner presided over the 2nd session. He was assisted by the Assistant Election Commissioner. Sohanur Mostafa Shahriar, Social Service Officer (Reg.), District Social Service Office, Chittagong. Finally, the 7-member 3-year term executive committee was announced by the Chief Election Commissioner in July 2022-June 2025. Badal Kanti Chowdhury, Vice President Deepak Kumar Chowdhury, General Secretary Dilara Begum, Joint Secretary Mohammad Ali, Treasurer Yasmin Ara Begum, Joly Sen Gupta, and Zafar Ahmed have been elected as executive members for the next 3 years respectively.

At the meeting, Md. Nasim Haider, Director (Microfinance), Mr. Syed Shahid Uddin, Director (Programs), and other members of the General Assembly and senior officials of the Association were present. In the end, all the members expressed their firm commitment to leading the association in the service of the people.