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The organization believe that working together can achieve positive and lasting change in the society and PROTTYASHI core attitude is to share the knowledge. In the past three decades of work, we have accumulated much insight into the various forms of poverty and how it interacts in different contexts. From our initial work in greater Chittagong district as well as other part of Bangladesh, we have gained operational knowledge on alleviation of poverty and to build exploitation free society where women and men can live and work equally and enjoying rights to express opinion and participate to power structure at community level as well as national level. Our experiences motivate us to work on mitigation of disaster and environmental degradation as well as preserve of bio-diversity and its management. PROTTYASHI has great working an experience in various geographical areas that has provides valuable opportunity to work on agricultural preservation, mother and child health in Chittagong region. Our website has been designed as a display of these practical learning and experiences, so that the audience can easily utilize it. We like to pay deep gratitude to our governing body and founder members for their constructive and positive roles in policy making and also thanks to official staffs for their hard work, dedication and commitment for achieving objectives and goals of PROTTYASHI. We welcome and invite all audience to use the portal and join our campaign to eradicate the poverty.