Micro Credit


The main goal of starting the micro credit program in Bangladesh is to eradicate extreme poverty through various income generating activities. Keeping it in mind Prottyashi as a leading local partner has started its micro credit program from 1993. Beside credit program the organization is implementing various programs to improve the lifestyle of its beneficiaries.

Starting with 2 branches the organization has expanded its operational area day by day. Now it has 62 branches. The total micro credit operation is operated by a dedicated team. Prottyashi is a platform of learning, as the organization frequently arranges skill training for its staffs.




  • Improving and creating livelihood option through providing easy loan.
  • Engaging ultra poor people in various income generating activities.
  • Women empowerment and enhancing education.


CCCP (Community Climate Change Project)


Project Title:  Reducing climate change vulnerability particularly of flood by improving adaptive capacity of local community.

Starting date: 27th January 2014


  1. Understanding community vulnerability adaption practices at local level and new adaption options need to flood and climate change.
  2. Engagement of people in practicing community based adaptive options to ensure livelihoods, better health and social security.


Slatted housing for Goat in Moheshkhali under CCCP project

Slatted housing for Goat in Moheshkhali under CCCP project


Project Area:   
Project is implementing in Kutubjum, Hoanak, Kalamarchara  and  Gorakgata unions of Moheshkhali upazila Under Cox’s Bazar District.



 ENRICH (Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty)is a program conducted at the grassroots level focusing for overall household development of the poor based on a ‘One Union One PO’ principle. The programme targets poor families, working with them to enhance and maximize the utilization of their resources and skills. ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development, etc, the goal being sustainable development driven by the people themselves.

Executive Director laid the foundation stone of the public toilet of kalamarchora bazar under ENRICH program


Prottyashi as a leading partner of PKSF is implementing the project in Kalamarchara union of Moheshkhali Upazila and Charandip Union of Boalkhali Upazila.



Livestock Unit renders its services to farming community under the Boalkhali and Anowara Upazilla through its field level microcredit personnel like area manager,manager and field officer.These microcredit personnel select the actual beneficieries those are eligible to get facility by the programme.Livestock Unit of PROTTYASHI give technical support,to spread scientific knowledge among the beneficieries. LU will also facilitate knowledge and technical services among its borrower by linking them with academic/research institutions.




Vaccination Campaign against PPR in Goat.

Vaccination Campaign against PPR in Goat.




  • To ensure profitability of beneficiaries through livestock production and business.
  • To facilitate cost effective feeding system.
  • To ensure animal comfort, reducing morbidity & mortality by giving technical support.
  • To ensure regular breeding cycle and environment friendly waste management.



UPP (Ultra poor program)/Ujjibito



Objective: To alleviate ultra poverty and hunger sustainability.



Specific Objectives
  1. Development of the extreme poor women and their family.
  2. The sustainable development of health and nutrition of women and their households.
  3. The empowerment of the ultra poor women and to increase the social participation of their household members.



Eradication of Hazardous Child Labor in Bangladesh (EHCLB)

Prottyashi has implemented a project entitled ” Eradication of Hazardous Child Labor in Bangladesh”(EHCLB) project in Chittagong City Corporation(CCC) area with technical and financial assistance from Ministry of Labor and Employment (MoLE) and USAID. The first phase of the project started in 2004 and ended with the 3rd phase in June 30,2014.
The 3rd phase started from July 2012 and ended on June30,2014. About 15 multi purpose centers (MPCs) with 450 students in ward No. 6,7,8,9,10 of Panchlaish Thana under Chittagong City Corporation were included under the project. After successful completion of Non-formal education , the children graduated with 6 months skill training on sewing, Karchupi, Handicraft, and embroidery ctc. Graduated students were supported (as per need) with loan facilities from Korma Sangsthan Bank for self employment and Income generating activities.  
 EHCLB Machine PIc

Homestead Agro-Forestry Improved Management Practices(HAIMP) 

The project was implemented in Mirsarai and Sitakunda Upazila of Chittagong district in 2007-2012 funded by Arannayk Foundation. It was a very successful project of Prottyashi. The objective of the project was to improve homestead biodiversity and household food security in the project area by increasing availability and access of micro-nutrient rich food through improved management practices of homestead agro-forestry.