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Exhibition of local Handicrafts

Exibition - 2An exhibition of local handicrafts, clothing & dry foods is being held in Cox’s Bazar. A total of 905 host community beneficiaries made these products.

With USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance’s support, this exhibition helps strengthen the market linkage among producers, vendors, and clients. IOM Bangladesh through its Social Cohesion Programme & its partner PROTTYASHI has been providing livelihoods training to the beneficiaries to enhance a sustainable response to climate change hazards, resilience-building, diversified livelihoods, and agricultural production for the host communities.

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Engaging Host Community People into Income Generating Activities (IGAs)

The people of the Cox’s Bazar district being disturbed by the recent rohingya influx in Ukhiya upazila have lost property, land to practice agriculture, gardening as well as have been in the midst of serious socio-economic complications. To let them forget the loss and regain the economic stability, the project has proposed several interventions at the very close to the home. The project targets to enhance the capacity and skill of the men, women and youths of the host community in Ukhiya upazila through they can be involved in different income generating activities and be able to increase their household income. Furthermore, the project focuses on the empowerment of women through some sustainable approaches as it has a crucial importance in the society. Youth empowerment will lead them away from being involved in the unsocial and antisocial activities that will ultimately create a positive socioeconomic impact in the targeted areas.

Overall Objective

Overall objective of the project is Enhancing skills of women and youths of the host communities in Ukhiya and enabling them to increase household income

Project Started on 1st January 2020

Funding Partner: International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Project Location

Ukhiya Upazila, Cox’s Bazar District

Target Population

People of the Host Communities


Outcome 1:Targeted people have increased household income through receiving skill development training and developing cluster based enterprises

Outcome 2:Targeted people have increased household income through receiving skill development training and involved in employment generation activities

The project will gather 790 men women and youths in different training hubs and production and innovation hubs where the participants will be provided skill development and capacity building training on enterprise development, electrical wiring and electronic engineering, plumbing and accessories, craft making, embroidery, hand stitching, sewing, dyeing etc. With the knowledge gained from the training sessions and the start-up grants, they will be encouraged to develop their own enterprises. These enterprises will be developed on cluster basis where an identical product will be made in some adjacent households. This cluster will offer the best product to the customer which will increase the opportunities of better income for the participants. Women will be provided quality training by the third party on the garments product called Shahdesh Palli and through shadesh palli, they will have a sustainable way of earning money. Shadesh Palli will be providing a regular demand from the production hubs and hence will be creating a space for regular income. The project will be creating market linkages for the enterprises through meetings, strategic workshops, field day etc. to ensure the income generation of the entrepreneurs. Gradually, the project will introduce the enterprises with e-commerce platform that will also strengthen the sustainability of the interventions. Therefore, the proposed project will be a trigger for upgrading socioeconomic condition of the refugee crisis affected people in Ukhiya.

Inception of skill development training on sewing in training hub

Inception of skill development training on sewing in training hub