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CCCP (Community Climate Change Project)


Project Title:  Reducing climate change vulnerability particularly of flood by improving adaptive capacity of local community.

Starting date: 27th January 2014


  1. Understanding community vulnerability adaption practices at local level and new adaption options need to flood and climate change.
  2. Engagement of people in practicing community based adaptive options to ensure livelihoods, better health and social security.


Slatted housing for Goat in Moheshkhali under CCCP project

Slatted housing for Goat in Moheshkhali under CCCP project


Project Area:   
Project is implementing in Kutubjum, Hoanak, Kalamarchara  and  Gorakgata unions of Moheshkhali upazila Under Cox’s Bazar District.


HHS, Groups and Members


Household Group Members(per group)
1100 40 25/30



Tailoring activities under CCCP.

Tailoring activities under CCCP.



Social Mapping under CCCP

Social Mapping under CCCP



Total household coverage: 1100

Total groups: 40(25/30)




PKSF/world bank and Prottyashi’s own fund




  • Improved Woven.
  • Sanitary latrine.
  • Tube well deep/swallow
  • Shelter housing for goat/sheep
  • Tailoring for women.
  • Homestead plinth rising.
  • Organic fish drying for fishing community.