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 ENRICH (Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty)is a program conducted at the grassroots level focusing for overall household development of the poor based on a ‘One Union One PO’ principle. The programme targets poor families, working with them to enhance and maximize the utilization of their resources and skills. ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development, etc, the goal being sustainable development driven by the people themselves.

Executive Director laid the foundation stone of the public toilet of kalamarchora bazar under ENRICH program


Prottyashi as a leading partner of PKSF is implementing the project in Kalamarchara union of Moheshkhali Upazila and Charandip Union of Boalkhali Upazila.
  • Health
  • Education
  • Water and sanitation
  • Bashok cultivation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Seed distribution
  • Homestead gardening.
  • Beggar rehabilitation
  • Bashok cultivation.

Eye-Camp in Charandip Boalkhali under ENRICH program



Circumcision camps under ENRICH



Under the project 42 learning centers in Kalamarchora union and 30 learning centers in Charandip union have been established. The main objective to establish learning centers is reducing students dropping out. The centers target students who find difficulty keeping up with their classmates and need the extra help and time to grasp material taught at school. These teaching centers play a crucial role in the education program by monitoring whether or not young children are being sent to school regularly, and dropout rates are at a minimum.
An initiative has been undertaken to promote the cultivation of medicinal plants, primarily Bashok, in the home yards of the beneficiaries as well as in the fallow land so as to increase household income and ensure supply of raw materials to local pharmaceutical industries. It has been found that the local medical companies import a huge amount of Bashok leaves every year.
30 health volunteers and 3 health assistants are continuously providing comprehensive healthcare services to the poor. One MBBS doctor has also been included in the team. The health volunteers visit house to house of beneficiaries for creating awareness on health and safety practice.
Other activities like Homestead Gardening, beggars’ rehabilitation and infrastructure development are continuing as ongoing basis.