June 9, 2015 In

On Going Research-01

“Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on use of sanitary napkin during Menstruation among Rural and Urban Women of Bangladesh”.

The ongoing study will help to create awareness on various safety measures related with menstrual health of urban and rural women of Bangladesh. Adolescent girls and women especially in rural areas are not aware about necessity of using safety napkin. They normally use cloth, tissues that are harmful and infectious. At the starting time of having first period maximum girls specially rural girls feel shy to share the matter with others even with their parents. Even they feel shy to purchase these products from local medicine shops. Many women living in hard core poverty level and they use rags, newspaper, or even mud to manage their menstrual periods.
None of these work very well and can introduce infections or injuries; they also circumscribe women’s movement. Often, women fear being in public without protection from blood staining. Availability and price is also an obstacle for poor rural women and girls in using sanitary napkin. This research will be an initiative not only to flourishing sanitary-pad business, but also will help to improve women’s menstrual hygiene in Bangladesh especially in rural areas.