Unconditional Cash Grant Support to vulnerable Households in Ukhiya as a COVID-19 response

June 16, 2020 In Event

Amid the crisis originated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, households especially of daily wage earners of host communities in Coxs Bazar district of Bangladesh are much more vulnerable than any other area as they have been hosting about one million Rohingya population through compromising their lands, properties, and environment for over two years. They do not have enough scope to earn money to afford the needs of the household as the district is under lockdown for many days. They cannot afford food and nutrition requirement of the household and for this reason women and children of these households are at the risk of malnutrition and other different diseases. To help these vulnerable households in Ukhiya Upazila under Coxs Bazar district to overcome challenges to afford household food and nutrition requirement, unconditional cash grants have been distributed among them from the project Engaging host community people into income generating activities (IGAs) as an intervention under COVID-19 response with the funding of International Organization for Migration (IOM). 637 poor households from 8 wards of three unions i.e, Jaliapalong, Rajapalong and Palongkhali of Ukhiya upazila under Coxs Bazar district have been provided with unconditional cash grant maintaining the health precautions to avoid any potential risk of transmission of any infectious element.

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