Upazila Inception Meeting of SIMS project at Fatikchari

September 12, 2021 In Meetinng

47991b1e-c733-4804-9a29-50b42b4724231st Upazila Inception Meeting of SIMS project held on 10th August, 2021 at Upazila ParishadAuditorium in Fatikchori Upazila

Prottyashi launched Strengthened and Informative Migration Systems (SIMS) project being implemented with the technical support of Helvetas and funding of SDC at the beginning of this year. To apprise the launching of the project to the stakeholders, 1st “Upazila Inception Meeting” of SIMS was held on 10th Aug 2021 atUpazila ParishadAuditorium in Fatikchori Upazila being presided over by the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Fatikchori. The meeting was conducted maintaining social distance and health & safety protocols for COVID-19 prevention. The Upazila Chairman was present as the chiefguest and the both Upazila Vice Chairmen, Assistant Commissioner (Land) along with Upazila Secondary Education Officer were present as special guests. The Director (Microfinance) and Asst. Director (Training) joined the meeting as Prottyashi representatives.

District Coordinator, SIMS from prottyashi presented on the SIMS inervention and its objectives, themes, outcomes & expectations. Honarable guests provided prompt responses with constructive queries about the specific issues project will address such as way of information dissemination (e.g courtyard), scope of providing legal support, role of stakeholders and the queries were welcomed with needful explanations by the Project Manager, SIMS. Since Fatikchari is a migration prone Upazila of Chattogram, participants found the project a need for addressing the migration issues at the root level of Fatikchari.

While addressing the meeting, the Upazila Nirbahi Officer drew a brief overview of the migration context of Bangladesh, contemporary issues and importance of remittances being received by the families of the migrant. Mentioning the major themes of the SIMS, he sounded optimistic about the possibility that SIMS will take care of some common challenges faced by the migrant community. He also requested all to think positively about the intervention of SIMS acknowledging the importance of NGOs contribution. He requested the SIMS representatives to work for the project in a way that it becomes a tangible one with its activities operationalized. The Upazila Chairman of Fatikchari also addressed his valuable speech in the program demonstrating the necessity of NGO intervention particularly in migration issues like SIMS project. He also highlighted on the distress of the migrant families caused due to COVID-19 pandemic situation and asked for any step SIMS can take in this regard. Later, he promised to provide any support needed in the implementation of SIMS intervention at Fatikchari.