ASHSHASH Phase II: For men and women who have escaped trafficking is an anti-trafficking

ASHSHASH (Phase II): For men and women who have escaped trafficking is an anti-trafficking project funded by Winrock international in ten districts of Bangladesh. Prottyashi is the implementation partner of the ASHSHASH project in Cox’s Bazar district and working as an SRP (Sustainable Reintegration Partner) of the project. This project aims to ensure the sustainable reintegration of trafficking survivors by identifying and enrolling survivors and providing them with psychosocial support, skill training, entrepreneurship training, life skills training, career counseling, economic support, business start-up support, and other needs-based supports to ensure their successful reintegration into society. This project will provide survivor centric need based tailored support to the 700 trafficking survivors to improve overall wellbeing of the project beneficiaries. The survivors will be identified by the project staff and enrolled upon scrutiny in compliance with the guideline. The enrolled survivors will then be provided psychosocial counselling to break free from mental trauma resulted by trafficking and exploitation. Survivor’s family will also be added for counselling if necessary. When the survivor will achieve a stable mental state, he/she will be given individual career counseling to find out the scope of employment according to the competency and the need of the survivor. Once the career path is chosen, the beneficiary will be given tailored training to make him/ her able to engage in self or wage employment. Each survivor will go through six months’ follow-up after employment. Survivors are subjected to other services such as: trauma, legal, medical, in kind etc. supports. One survivor may be given multiple services depending on the need of the survivor.


Prottyashi as a non-governmental organization started its journey in 1983 and since then it has completed a journey of 39 years with an experience of working in various sectors.

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