PROTTYASHI is a women-leading non-governmental organization with a governing body that oversees its multifaceted activities. Governance is a system that offers a framework for managing organizations and determines who can make choices, who has the ability to act on behalf of the organization, and who is accountable for how an organization and its people behave and perform. It determines how goals are established and attained by an organization, how risk is monitored and dealt with, and how performance is maximized. Governance ensures the organization's overall accountability and transparency step by step.

The General Council acts as the highest level of PROTTYASHI's governance which consists of 21 members and the Executive Committee is the main operational body of the governance which consists of seven members. The Executive Committee members approve all kinds of institutional decisions, implement the strategies and assign authority to the Executive Directors to carry them out. The Executive Director is the main leader of the operational body of PROTTYASHI. Different departments collaborate with their employees under the direction of the Executive Director. Each department has its own Terms of Reference (ToR), and the department designs and implements projects according to the policies and procedures of PROTTYASHI. However, rules and procedures are crucial to govern the organization and complying with the requirements of a successful compliance program.


All the operations and activities of PROTTYASHI are being operated under a set of policies and guidelines including HR policy, Complaint and Feedback Mechanism Policy (CFM), Safeguarding Policy, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy (PSEA), Gender Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy, and Child Protection Policy which employees or beneficiaries have to follow strictly. The management and staff scrupulously adhere to all policies that are in effect at the moment. By adhering to the policies and guidelines, the organization ensures quality service to the beneficiaries and makes a continuous progress keeping aligned with its mission and vision. We would like to pay deep gratitude to our governing body and founding members for their constructive and positive roles towards PROTTYASHI as well as thanks to the office staff for their hard work, dedication and commitment to achieving the objectives and goals of PROTTYASHI

Legal status

Sl. No Name Reg. No Achievement Date
1 NGO Affairs Bureau 628/1992 1992
2 Social Welfare Directorate 1285/1987 1987
3 Family Planning Directorate FP Chatta 22/1983 1983
4 E-TIN Number 347-300-2894 2013
5 Microcredit Regulatory Authority Sanad 00940-00304-00145 February 26, 2008

Our Executive Team


Prottyashi as a non-governmental organization started its journey in 1983 and since then it has completed a journey of 39 years with an experience of working in various sectors.

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